About Me

My name is George Reitsma. I am in my 20s and have been collecting autographs since I was a kid. However, I didn't have a lot of success until I moved to Florida. Most of my autographs are baseball as baseball is my favorite sports. However, I also have some football autographs.

I feel my blog posts may give others useful information on ways to obtain autographs from players. Reading about successful experiences will help others learn about the best ways to get autographs, who will sign, and where to go. If you have questions please leave comments.

Living in Florida, I find the best places to get autographs are at spring training before the games, fan fest events for professional teams, charity celebrity events, and at the annual "ESPN The Weekend" at Disney World in Orlando. I would love to also hear about your experiences to help me learn of great ways to get autographs.

Please follow this blog for up to date autograph experiences!

If you have your own experience you would like to share please create a post in the format below and send it to grbaseball.autograph@blogger.com

Subject line: John Doe Autograph - Location Year


Paragraph describing the event, where in the venue you got the autograph and how you went about getting the autograph as well as any other pieces you want to include.

[photo of autograph and/or player signing the autograph]