Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dennis Eckersley Autograph - ESPN The Weekend 2010

Autograph: Dennis Eckersley
Date: 2/28/2010
Location: Hollywood Studios, Disney World, Orlando, FL
Event: ESPN The Weekend

Dennis Eckersley signed autographs after one of the Baseball Tonight talk shows at ESPN The Weekend. The crowd was relatively small and Dennis was flying through autographs so fast he did not even see who he was signing for. I was able to get my arm in there 3 times and get three things signed. It was pretty exciting. It was in an auditorium near the back of Hollywood Studios right after the show.


  1. Do you get all of your autographs on baseballs and cards?

    ESPN the Weekend sounds AMAZING. I may have to try and get there some time.

  2. Most of my autographs are on baseballs and cards. I have one on a mini helmet. I also have a number of them on paper as I did not have anything for the person to sign at the time.

    I have been working on creative ways to display the ones that I just got on paper.